A tiny little bit of stagefright.. and obviously an inch too much of attachment ;-)

There we are. Welcome to my brand new blog. And while I start my first few line procrastinating by just babbling around…I think of a few famous first words (hopefully not famous last words, haha).

Why starting a blog? Well, this has been on my mind for a little while..but technical …”specialities” gave me a chance to really, really contemplate about whether or not a blog will make sense.

What I can say for sure is that writing, sharing quotes, books recommendations (oh yes, they are to come!), photos and photos of crafting Projects are some of the things I enjoy quite a bit anyway. Oh, and writing. That, too. Preferredly in English. 🙂

My purpose is to get positive energy going or pass on positive thoughts of others – positive is the word. In my way of thinking positive doesn’t mean denying difficulties or ignoring lacks of justice going on in the world… but – as The Buddha teaches in his Four Noble Truths – knowing that there will be difficulties along the way of our lives, but also knowing there are ways to deal with them.

Mindfulness – to me – is the central way to deal with all aspects of life…oh yes, it’s become a very “hip” word lately, but this doesn’t make it less precious to me.

Mindfulness as in paying attention to the very moment you are in – not only in Meditation but in everyday situations whereever you are, whatever you do, however you feel.

Nope, I didn’t say it is always easy.

BUT it’s so very precious.

A lot of my blog posts will deal with being mindful. To me,  besides my every day sitting Meditation practice, a couple of yoga practice times a week, drawing, painting, mixed media artmaking, journaling, photography, being with my amazing friends and my godchild (and last but not least watching my two wonderful rabbits from time to time, they are very mindful! ^^) are ways to be mindful. And I sure hope that my blog will become a communication platform for the most different mindful topics.

Well look at that. Stagefright’s gone, hopefully made sense, at least a bit.

Looking forward to connecting with you all.



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