Proofs of spring.

You wanna know where these world travellers have been today? Well… today not too far but most definitely they’ve seen green grass, park and one of my favourite street café. They had to go through quite a bit of stop and go because it  was some spontaneous wandering around with the camera kind of thing. IMG_1601 (800x533)  On this first sunny and warm, spring-like Sunday ..ever…in a usually very rainy town at the dutch and belgian border the whole world was on its way to sunbath, play frisbee, eat icecream, play guitar in the park…the whole “when-the-sun-finally-comes-out-once-in-a-while” sort of things.

Inspired by Flora Bowley’s current blog Project “the 30 days blog love affair” (,which you should check out) and ideas from Susannah Conway’s book and my own natural urge to get the heck out there…^^ I took a couple of proof-photos to remind myself and you all that it is spring. Not only on the calendar. For real. At least for today : )

So here we go:

IMG_1579 (447x800)

aaaaah yes. It’s not a plant. It’s a car. But a pretty old one. A pretty one and an old one I find myself thinking.

Let’s see… just a few steps further…..

IMG_1575 (800x533)

Lovely forsythia just around the corner. Love this kind of yellow. There will be more yellow in the following photos.

Going towards the park, this made me stop

IMG_1581 (800x533)IMG_1583 (800x533)

Not only do I love to capture these on photos..but also..look at those colours and those lines. Awww. yes. Drawing/mixed media material deluxe, especially the right one.

I didn’t take photos of the Café actually, but …let me just:

IMG_1447 (533x800)

Exactly. That. Caffeine.

But let’s not get distracted from spring Topics (although, spring to me is being able to sit in a street Café having a coffee or two without winter coat and YET: without shaking or getting wet 🙂

Here we go now, getting back to spring:

IMG_1584 (533x800)

Speaking of yellow. The Daffodil. Alive and kicking.

Note to self: paint a picture with a lot of yellow. and a contrasting turquoise. Yes.

On my way back, I took a few more nice pics and two when I arrived home. Let them just speak for themselves mostly:

IMG_1585 (800x503) IMG_1587 (533x800)

No, I didn’t bring those two lovelies from the park. They happen to live here all the time. Note the “I disapprove you haven’t brought us two buckets of grass and dandelion from out there”-look on their faces 😉

So that’s that for today. Spring proof completed. Have a lovely Sunday (night, morning, afternoon, depending on where you are in this world).

IMG_1600 (800x533)

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