Recommended from the bottom of my heart

There are a couple of things which contributed to the way I am living my life now, for example getting up at a few minutes past 5 a.m. (not kidding) on weekdays to keep up with my morning sitting Meditation. No better way to start the day. oh. this rhymes. Makes it only more true to me.

The outstandingly amazing books by Matthias Ennenbach (Thanks so much, Matthias!!) are my very Inspiration for developing this discipline . I often pick up one of his books to read about the important things in life, e.g. when it comes to self-development (as I said: Meditation) as well as support for my job as a special education teacher for traumatized/autistic/hyperactive/anxious kids and youngsters and soon-to-be-art therapist in Training. All publications of Matthias Ennenbach, (one book is missing as it’s currently in a bag in my car and I was too lazy to get it ^^) made me have so much quality time reading them, moments of acceptence, insight and most of all the very clear motivation of “not-too-disciplined”-me to make Meditation an every day habit,. Actually, it became so precious that I took my dear zafu-cushion everywhere while travelling. Reading those books, you will, for example, learn about how very applyable the Four Noble Truths are for everyday life. That modern neuroscience is proving those ancient teachings about how different ways of thinking have different impacts on your wellbeing. And that you are, and this is the most precious part, SO ABLE to develop a peaceful, loving, noble mind, equanamity,… I could write tons about it. There are other books, lots of, to be honest, covering those topics, I know that. Thich Nhat Hanh published wonderful things, as well as Jack Kornfield. But no one writes  like Matthias Ennenbach when it comes to  presenting Buddhism as a very traditional, reflected ancient and wise psychology. He developed a new ….branch, called “Buddhistische Psychotherapie BPT” (C) which just starts with the most important: No distinction between (mentally) healthy or ill, quite on the contrary he sees every being as looking for well-being, sense in life, happiness. Some strategies people pursue are healing, some maybe less. But there is this indestructable noble core in each and every person as Buddhist teachings says and this is a very, very vital aspect of his psychotherapy. The psycho-educational parts of his books have been …ah, mind-blowing to me, you’ll learn why we all tend to painfully repeating experiences and how you can step out of it. And how much Meditation has to do with this (this will be a blog post of ist own, believe me)

All you not-german-Speakers, don’t you be sad, because the first of Matthias Ennenbach’s book (photo: left one on top), “Buddhistische Psychotherapie” is being translated in English as we speak. I will try and find out how many days you’ll have to count down until you can purchase your english Version of it.IMG_1573 (533x800)

A one-week-seminar called “Lust auf Farbe” by Max G. Bailly, an Artist from southern Germany, former college instructor at an institute for art therapy and Zen-Buddhist, last year in october kind of made me start to see mindfulness and artmaking from a very very personal and whole new perspective. Thank you for this Max as well as the amazing bunch of people meeting to go crazy using graphite pens, beewax crayons, gouache….and even meeting in the Studio after dinner at times, cherishing a good glass of Dornfelder 😉 and painting for about 8-10 hours at tops. Max taught us to move the brush according to the breathing, to listen to the sounds the crayons make, to make crazy dots while feeling your pulse with the other Hands, to draw with both Hands (and notice a cleary increased brain ativity, haha, my outcome was a certain giggly silliness ^^)

In fact, you often hear people say that if you are in line with things you love and you’re good at /pursuing with Passion, there will appear more things to help you on your way.
One absolute Inspiration was the artwork of Flora S. Bowley or more like, her way of teaching art, approaching intuitive painting and her mindful way of combining artmaking, yoga and Meditation practice, teaching, Publishing on her website

As you say,three is a lucky number, so I leave you here with 3 recommendations,  plus I am hungry plus the sun is finally showing up here…enough for now.  but more recommendations are too come sooner than you spell the word. : )

happy sunday for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Recommended from the bottom of my heart

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