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IMG_1631 (800x691)Thanks to the wonderful book “this i know – notes on unraveling the heart” by wonderful Susannah Conway and her e-course “Exploring the Senses” which I just started …today… I had a very visual, very content and also very mindful day.

Susannah publishes wonderful things. Photography and writing, journaling and Blogging are very important to her – she takes you by the Hand and invites you to take some really mindful perspective of your life from different angles.

Treat yourself and check out her blog:


But now back to the Headline. Mindful photography. So what is she saying now? Why mindful again? Oh, you better get used to it, because I got the taste of it and will pursue it as much as possible.

And photography. Next to painting, sitting Meditation and yoga this is – to me – a very healing and joyful way to be mindful. Because when you are ready to take a walk or “just” wander around, having your camera (I highly recommend not to take photos looking on the Display but take the seeker so you automatically focus) your perception will change.

Of course I don’t mean things like “Oh, by four this afternoon, I have to have a hundred proper photos”… guess you got the idea, eh?

No, you go and look at your surroundings, both aimlessly because you don’t plan to see a ladybird just when you want to take a photo of one, and very clearly oriented.

Susannah Conway developed the exercise to go look for particular colours at different places. This was the first “assignment” in her “Exploring the senses” e-book and this is how I spent parts of my day today.

She suggests to go look for something red, something yellow, something purple, heart shapes and your Initials. She doesn’t say it has to be photographed, she just wants to give you these colours and shapes to watch out for.  To find those, she recommends to go look inside your Appartement or house, outside, look up, look down, find it in tje concrete and the abstract.

A few months earlier I followed her advise in one of her book chapters to take one photo every hour of the day for one day. So I already knew what would gradually happen to my perception. It would shift. The Quality of my consciousness will shift. And before starting the whole “assignment” today, I was looking forward to this.

What happens when you watch out for particular things is that you are very aware of where you are and what surrounds you. And as your senses are not limited to the visual, your other senses Kind of follow. When I took the photo (see below) of the red Icecream sign “Eis”, I smelled the icecream coming from the Café and I can still smell it looking at the photo now.

Matthias Ennenbach refers to  mindfulness as “panoramic consciousness”. Instead your mind being focussed like when you concentrate on a maths test for example..compared to an electric torch beam which just lights a small area, your attention widens like sunlight flooding.

At some Point this afternoon I caught myself thinking “I need a break”. 🙂

Well – here you can take a virtual walk with me now, seeing something red, something yellow, something purple, heart shapes and my Initials. Enjoy

red floorIMG_1607 (533x800)IMG_1608 (533x800)

















IMG_1623IMG_1637 (374x800)IMG_1642 (800x448)4
















IMG_1650 (800x363)IMG_1657 (533x800)



















IMG_1635 (619x800)IMG_1663 (800x533)IMG_1675 (800x534)IMG_1670 (800x533)IMG_1621 (800x631)IMG_1625 (800x533)IMG_1666 (800x787)IMG_1713 (533x800)







IMG_1706 (800x606)IMG_1673 (737x800)


















































IMG_1716 (707x800)IMG_1648 (800x464)

















Here are some of the results of just being aware of the surroundings…


IMG_1634 (678x800)

IMG_1690 (800x793)

















IMG_1605 (533x800)IMG_1703 (800x533)IMG_1709 (800x442)IMG_1695 (629x800)

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8 thoughts on “Mindful Photography

  1. wonderfully mindful & aesthetically pleasing words and photographs, thanks!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I appreciate this quite highly. Very happy to see that the photos I took, the thoughts on itand the sort of Spirit in which the photos were taken do in fact reflect the mindful “mindset” I was in.

  2. Sind das Weidenkätzchen ?????? Oooooh, wie schöööön 🙂

  3. Vielen lieben Dank, nein, das ist eine Magnolienknospe MIT Marienkäfer. Hast du den gesehen? 🙂

  4. Love this post, Nicole — I love your finds w color and your hearts finds, as well — Love taking photos of my surroundings — Thanks for sharing! ~Kristine

    • oh, thank you very much, Kristine! I just published a post about just that, in case you feel like reading this one, too. it’s a Topic Close to my heart. xxx

  5. I loved this post and all the happy images. You’ve inspired me again, Nic.

    • Oh Sherry, I feel all honoured by this comment! thank you! Thanks to a few days off due to stupid Karneval in this area here I am in such a photography mode- and -mood! xxx

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