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Joining The August break

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Thanks to Sherry Smith here on wordpress, whose blog posts I always enjoy to read, I got one more good reason to get my camera out on a daily basis and join The August Break. What it is? Well, it’s brought about by the wonderful author, photograph, Blogger and ‘Blogging-coach’ Susannah Conway, whose publications I highly recommend anyway.

It’s basically about photo Blogging. Susannah Conway came up with the idea a few years ago, when she, during summer, felt more like posting photographs instead of text. For me it will be the first year of joining the August Break, but I can tell you guys, I am excited knowing that Sherry, whose blog I follow, also joins and I will be able to see her photo of the day. Exciting is too, that parts of August will be spent at the sea for me, so there will be some ocean-related shots I guess 🙂

For everyone who also feels like joining, go to this link below to get the wonderful, very Susannah-esque, unique and inspiring prompts list. And if you are inclined to join (David? What about you? I kind of thought of you there), please, pretty please, let me know, so I can go to your blogs and look at the photos.

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“Life is brushing your teeth or making a sandwich or watching the news or waiting for the bus.” from: Toni Jordan, ‘Addition’

One of these wonderful, wonderful things about summer breaks is being able to just being able to sit in the fresh summer air, reading, reading and …wait…reading. I finished a book which at first I found…” a little too strenous  but unique” but it totally grew on me…  It’s “Addition” by Toni Jordan.


On the last page, Grace, the main character says something really heartbreakingly insightful to her niece, it went into my “favourite quotes Notebook” right away:

“Most people miss their whole lives, you know.  Listen, life isn’t when you are standing on top of a mountain looking at a sunset.  Life isn’t waiting at the alter or the moment your child is born or that time you were swimming in a deep water and a dolphin came up alongside you.  These are fragments.  10 or 12 grains of sand spread throughout your entire existence.  These are not life.  Life is brushing your teeth or making a sandwich or watching the news or waiting for the bus.  Or walking.  Every day, thousands of tiny events happen and if you’re not watching, if you’re not careful, if you don’t capture them and make them COUNT, your could miss it.  You could miss your whole life.”  
―     Toni Jordan,     Addition    


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We saw Rabbit Island, the left one, during a mountain hike

We saw Rabbit Island, the left one, during a mountain hike

This is actually not on rabbit Island. and yes, I do know this is no rabbit,either ^^. It's in Molyvos, on the same day of the trip to R.I. :)

This is actually not on rabbit Island. and yes, I do know this is no rabbit,either ^^. It’s in Molyvos, on the same day of the trip to R.I. 🙂

Have you ever made a top 5 list of places you might want to call Paradise? Last year in early August, on a trip to Lesbos, Greece, I sure found my own definition of Paradise: Rabbit Island.

An Island of sorts!


zero humans (just our captain Alekos, who visits and has built a lovely place to spend a few hours there) or an occasional biologist, watching animals.

About one hundred rabbits. Really.

The nature: breathtaking (as will be proved by the following photos), peaceful, a small spot, smelling like wild mountain thyme and other herbs, the sea, those amazing rabbits, really shy, really lots of them.

Here are a few impressions for you.

can you hear the Sound of the waves splashing?

can you hear the Sound of the waves splashing?

Rabbit Island Beach. Just...drop me there.

Rabbit Island Beach. Just…drop me there.

Paradise. Have I mentioned this?

Paradise. Have I mentioned this?

What else is paradise-like? Well, for example my summer break started and it’s day # 1 today, quite a treat that is! Summer breaks usually start with a good mix of laziness and planned Quality time, such as visiting with dear friends, going to the coast for 10 days or just taking time for:


A very good way of being slow is starting the day with sitting Meditation and Qi Gong practice.

Drinking coffee(s) at the open Loggia Windows and breathing in fresh air, not having to worry about what time it is and if it is time to leave for…somewhere work-related.

Taking time to sort through a pile of photographs, daydream or be aware of the smell of coffee, mixed with the irresistable smell of fresh toast with “hagelslag” (tiny Little chocolate chips from the Netherlands you pour on your bread if you are inclined to do so)

When I remind myself to “go to my happy place” in tensed moments sometimes, the images of the most amazing Rabbit Island usually come to my mind right away.  And yes, it sure is helpful. But let’s not fix the idea of Paradise/Quality time/ your happy place to a place which you cannot realistically go to whenever you want. Because this might cause tension.

What’s paradise to you? Feel free to comment, I sure am curious about it!

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Just looking at the paintings made me grab the art supplies after weeks of no-art-making…

Hi again,

it’s been a while. Like a few times lately, but now that the summer break has started (a triple yay for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!) let me just drop you the link of a blog post by Tara Leaver, who happens to be a heavenly inspiring Artist.

I haven’t touched a brush in weeks and my easel would ask me for my Name if only it could talk (well, sometimes I am quite glad it cannot ^^)

but just by getting the first few glimpses of Tara’s blog Posts I went to get my sketchbook.

Thanks for that, Tara!


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