Lists have a value way beyond grocery shopping and writing down your to-do’s

This late morning, I took the bus from my quarter to the other end of the City . Next to me, there was an old Lady, who spread such a calmness and comfortable quietness:

She sat there, her numerous farmer’s market Shopping bags at her feet, deeply sunken into reading her book.      

I just liked e-verything about this Impression:

  • The way she sat in the bus like it was a comfy armchair in a quiet surrounding, totally living in the moment and enjoying her book
  • The way he solemnly Held the book in her Hands (and noticing that I often seem to notice things like that, that I am moved by how people treat their books…)
  • The fact that she loves reading on the bus, something she and I share.
  • (…)

As someone who is into journalling, keeping sketchbooks, art journals and other Notebooks in the same period of time, I decided to refresh my list of

Simple Everyday things I love

Ok then. Back home. Getting the particular Notebook (to which I’ll be referring more detailed in a bit), opening it and reading my list about the Topic like mentioned above.  

IMG_2062 (510x640)

The black book under the pen and the “post-it-Gallery” is the very HBOL (happy book of lists)

Goosebumps! Because I only list happy things. and now the beans are spilled.

yes, I Keep a list book: “The happy book of lists”

I also do lists for grocery Shopping and cleaning up the rooms in my Apartment, Long days full of work…but this is of course not what I am talking about here. I cannot even remember when exactly I started making happy lists so consciously, but it must have been around the time when I took part in an intensive Basic Life-/Work-Planning Workshop

(a ressource-oriented, alternative Approach to ‘job-huntin’, Nelson-Bowles is name connected to this Approach, and “what colour is your parachute” is a book which introduces many of These ideas. Highly recommended, even if you are sure not to leave your Job for the next 30 years!)

However…in this Workshop you list things to get closer to your interests, for example sorted by your senses plus other criteria, such as “which Kind of Magazine attracts you”… Anyone who has experience with Coaching might think this sounds familiar (yes, of course).

You don’t have study positive psychology – though it’s something I have on one of my lists ; ) to get how the lists can positively affect your mood.

At least as far as I am concerned. Reading listed things I love, sorted by Topic (I’ll get to this in a minute) – feels Kind of…”getting connected” or like “a circle closing” or just like fulfillment.  Here is an example of a list which gives me wings:

simple life pleasure you can’t buy:

  • seeing someone solemnly reading a book and Holding this book like it was a treausre
  • seeing my two rabbits “tidy up” the fresh hay right after I put it into their ‘villa’ ..mindfully taking every bit of it and finding the perfect spot for it on the ground
  • the smell of a match after lighting a candle
  • the smell of whitebread with sugar crust in the kitchen
  • coming into a coffee scented room
  • watching a child walk around, holding the ‘paw’ of a plush animal in the hand, with this seriousness those short ones have.
  • the Sound of my small Brown coffee Cup when I put it on the saucer
  • the poppy- and cornflowers bowing when I drive past them on the countryside in summer… on my way to work
  • the light in the Loggia in late afternoon.
  • The warmth of the dark Brown wooden window frames between kitchen (which is mostly kept in a mix of cinnamon Brown, creamy White, chocolate  brown …) and Loggia, and how warm this feels when the sun shines into the Loggia, the shadows of the Little cherry tree being cast into the Loggia
  • sitting on my Meditation cushion, smelling incense and breathing deeply
  • the Sound of my graphite pen on paper, which is attached to a wooden board.
  • the rest of acrylic colour on the Palette.
  • the old teapot and the slight scent of my favourite tea which clings to it
  • my art supplies in the Loggia and the easel – wating and calling out to me   😉

After getting Long-term inspired by the books about art-making and creativity by

  • Tara Leaver
  • Sara Ahearn Bellemare (‘Painted Pages’ – an Approach to creatively using your Sketchbook and developing paintings out of it)
  • The online Project ICAD = Index Card a Day
  • and ‘Drawing your Life by Michael Nobbs

(see, a list again…haha) I am starting to use the idea of Michael Nobbs to draw everyday things surrounding me, like a teapot for example, an Impression of an Artist presented by Sara Ahearn Bellemare, who draws ALL her to-do lists, such as “what to pack for vacation” (looooove this idea), (…….)

  • to draw, (coloured pencils and beeswax Crayons preferredly)
  • sketch,
  • make Little collages
  • print with rubberstamps

So you get pictures who go right to your heart. I have about 12 or 13 index Cards so far. but the pile is growing. And before letting you  off the hook for your Saturday, dear Reader, imagine this:

Having a box of Pictures showing your personal (and personally crafted!) happiness-triggers! Imagine that! The winter might be Long and I can only speak for myself but at some Point after all the Holidays, the lack of ligth is getting a Little …old.. and I will be happy to Charge up by getting my box and looking at my happy artworks. (To mention the list-word one last time haha, so far, my finished index Cards came from words on the ….you know…lists. No, I am not Monk’s sister by the way hahahahaha)

Please, pretty please, dear Reader, if you have Ideas which anyhow relate to the ones introduced here…please share them, I am very interested in new approaches!

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3 thoughts on “Lists have a value way beyond grocery shopping and writing down your to-do’s

  1. Are you sure you aren’t Monk’s sister?!? hee!!! 🙂 I love the lists you’ve created and the books you’ve been reading to keep yourself inspired. I love looking at images and reading words that fill my senses. I never know where they will be or what they will be. Doing what you are doing — keeping your eyes open and your senses tuned…and every day something new will be added to the list. Life is change…and part of the joy is being able to sometimes see the same things over and over but seeing them with fresh eyes…that always gives me a lift!

  2. Oh yes, lists of things we love about life! A guaranteed way to “trigger happiness” as you put it. I keep lists too and since I can’t draw worth a bean, I take pics of what I love. It’s as simple ad that. I loved this post. Just reading your list and feeling your happiness made me happy. Now off to make egg salad sandwiches, which also makes me happy.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Sherry! We’re on the same page, when it Comes to lists, eh? So happy to meet likeminded People like you.:)
      xxx Nic

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