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This Man Has ALS, And His Ice Bucket Challenge Will Make You Laugh. Then It’ll Make You Cry

The first time I (the bookworm, yes) heard, I mean, really heard about ALS was by reading “Tuesdays With Morrie” (have read the book to pieces by now, over and over again).
The wonderful Kindness Blog shares Carbajal’s Ice Bucket Challenge Clip and I recommend to watch it. Every minute of it.

Kindness Blog

Over the last few weeks, social media has gone berserk with the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, as celebrities, tech moguls, politicians, and people everywhere grab buckets of ice water and dump them on their heads

All this is in the name of raising awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Anthony Carbajal

There’s been such a deluge of videos made of these ice bucket challenges (some of which have been hilarious, others more serious) that you might be tempted to skip this new video that was uploaded Monday by a man named Anthony Carbajal. But as Upworthy put it, this is one clip that “you really should see.”

The video begins humorously as Carbajal, aphotographer, dresses up in a neon bikini top and soaps up a car before being doused with ice water. “OK, that was probably the most embarrassing thing that I’ve ever done in…

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The August Break – Day 13 to Day 16 – “my guilty pleasure”, “hands”, “blue” and “look down”

the August Break - Day 13 - my guilty pleasure

Vanilla Muffin, chocolate frosting, chocolate M&Ms on top, and a Café crème with chocomel in it.


what my Hands like to do... picking my favourite guitar pieces....

what my Hands like to do… picking my favourite guitar pieces….


the August Break - Day 15 - blue

Detail shot of my Longboard – leaning at my Petrol coloured wall. This colour combination makes me outright happy. As much as taking the board for a stroll along the Rhine 🙂


the August Break - Day 16 look down

a blurry shot of my old yellow chucks… I like them because they help forget about rainy days.

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The August Break – Day 11 “handwriting” and Day 12 “on the table


the August Break – Day 11 – a Rumi Quote: “Be Ground/ Be crumbled, so wildflowers/come up where you are/You have been stony for too many years/Try something different./Surrender” -On a personal note, ahem, after having watched “The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey”, just last night, it sounds a bit like what Gandalf says to Bilbo in his Hobbit house 😉 – no offence to wonderful Rumi though…


The August Break - Day 12 - a very delicious rhubarb lemonade, Natalie Goldberg's 'Writing Down the Bones' and my Journal, in which I copied several lines of several chapters. Enjoying the last few days of my summerbreak as much as possible...

The August Break – Day 12 – a very delicious rhubarb lemonade, Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Writing Down the Bones’ and my Journal, in which I copied several lines of several chapters. Enjoying the last few days of my summerbreak as much as possible…


This morning the sad News of the passing of Robin Williams were all over the media – rest in peace, Robin Williams, you are the first actor I ever mentioned as “favourite actor” and you brough so much emotional intelligence into the films.

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The August Break – Day 1 to Day 10 – catching up, being happy…


Lunch at Anne&Max in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.





The August Break - Day 2 - Pattern  Went for a natural pattern  of beautifully textured tree bark....

The August Break – Day 2 – Pattern
Went for a natural pattern of beautifully textured tree bark….


the August Break - Day 3 - window

Café-houseboat belonging to Anne&Max, Alkmaar, NL (ahemm, anyone knowing me just a teensy bit will not be suprised to hear that I payed this place a second visit…actually even a third ^^)


Orange - well, it figures, right? :)

Orange – well, it figures, right? 🙂


the August Break - Day 5 - three

“Three” – taken at the dutch coast while cosily resting in a beach chair, considering to book the next (short) vacation right before even finishing this one 😉


The August Day - Day 6 - reflection

Reflection of the fairy lights in the Loggia window, almost heart shaped …

the August Break Day 7 - Today is...


the August Break - Day 8 - selfie

Selfie with picmonkey filters – yep, bad hair day all over ^^


the August Break - Day 9 - in my bag

Revealing a bit of my love for colours of the aqua-Family. Just a teensy bit 😉



coffee from my favourite Cup – I even love the Sound it makes when putting the Cup on the saucer (nerd? yes) – then two of my yummiest coffee pads, the Hema regular coffee pads and then my vanilla flavoured ones (best enjoyed with chocomel in it ^^ again: nerd? oh well)


So this what I would call proper catching up. The first ten days of The August Break which is just as much fun and fulfillment – at minimum – as it was last year. What makes it so Special this year is that I know myself accompanied by wonderful friends from Germany, France, England, Australia, Canada who are doing this year’s August Break, too.

Sherry Galey, I wouldn’t want to miss for the world having met you through photo Blogging just one year ago…thought it seems so much longer!

Up from tomorrow, it’ll be less overwhelming for you guys, as I’ll shift to a day to day posting Habit 🙂 –


Happy Sunday everyone – and happy August Break !!

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The August Break 2014

Hi everyone,  
yes, it’s been a while…but back I am indeed and what could be a better reason to re-dive into Blogging than the wonderful August Break? Due to technical issues I am a bit late – so it’s about catching up the next few days. For now let me happily present this year’s list of prompts and see you off with this for tonight.




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