The November of Ensos – Day 1



Acrylics on scrapbook paper

Acrylics on scrapbook paper

So – November first means Day 1 of the announced Enso Project. Here it is – apologies for the low photo Quality, this will improve in the course of this month as I hope wireless will be back to its usual …. good to medium quality ūüėČ

I am not likely to post every day, rather you will find a post of the latest 3-4 ensos every couple of days. And it is my ambitious Intention to offer an inspiring Quote alongside the photos – today’s Quote is from the insightful, wonderful Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh:

“A work of art can help people understand the nature of their suffering, and have insight into how to transform the negative and develop the positive in themselves. Writing, making a film, creating a work of art can be a act of love. That act of love nourishes you and nourishes others. If you’re happy, you know how to live deeply every Moment of your life, then deep understanding, joy, and compassion can come. Your art will reflect this understanding and will share it with others”
-from: Your True Home, by Thich Nhat Hanh, No.206, “An Act of Love”


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The November of Ensos – how about joining?

Enso_1_copyrighted (548x640)

This is my first ever enso. Not a typical one Definition wise but I used up leftover acrylics there and painted in long circular movements….



So today is Halloween Day¬† – actually I am hearing a bunch of Kids rehearsing their trick or treat rhymes from outside as we speak. And it’s also – well, as you all know – the last day of October.

In a wonderful circle of creative People I have drawn and painted almost each day of October thanks to Tara Leaver’s “31 days of playful drawing” Project, also see recent Posts, which will get an update pretty soon.

As the everyday-creativity feels very healthy and makes my life richer in many ways, I decided to find a new Project in November. Let’s have a look at November for a moment… Many People find it a wet, foggy, cold, grey month.

Now, let’s reframe November:

mystic? Yes, I think so, thanks to the foggy mornings. A gift for photographers by the way.

Lots of invitations to get the candles out.  To find a lovely spot for fairy lights.

berry light (640x597)


a time for cocoon, maybe, to catch a big breath before the Christmas¬†crazyness begins. And speaking of “breath” – how about refreshing your Meditation / mindfulness practice if you are interested?

Besides sitting Meditation the Enso painting is a way to do this. And *bam* – there we are in the middle of what I want you to invite you to.


What is an enso?

An enso is a hand-drawn circle. Traditionally it’s drawn in one, (fluent) movement, not too slow, but definitely not fast. Moderately, a mindful circle comes to life.¬†

Some¬†buddhist monks have giant brushes, big as brooms, to draw an enso on a big table-cloth sized surface on the ground, it’s very fascinating to watch this as it is a whole-body experience. If you have the opportunity and a room, I highly recommend trying this.

What is an enso and what does it mean?

Enso is a japanese term which means circle. It corresponds to the wabisabi concept. If you look at photos of enso, see inserted links below, you see the opening of the circle as a typical trait and the obvious fact that it’s not made with any kind of compass. The drawing wants to remind of the imperfection which is an inherent part of our existence. It also stands for enlightenment, strength, the universe and the Buddhist understanding of the void (meaning, in¬†very short terms not an emptiness but the lack of “not-connectedness” of things and beings)

How about a November of Ensos?

So, here is the Basic idea:

For each day of November, we will take a good ten minutes out of our busy days, sit down, light a candle maybe, and drawn an enso.

What do we need?

Here are my recommendations – but you are totally free to choose whatever art supply you feel drawn to, just stick to a brush or maybe your fingers, not a pen.

  • a thick brush, a round tip
  • a thick paper, at least 100g/square metre
  • a quiet space
  • a table where you can move your arm without stopping

Making it a meditative practice – further ideas

Here is how I will go about my daily enso practice:

-lighting a candle, probably even finding a candle which will stay at this spot for every enso drawing day of November.

-lighting incense

-sitting with a straight, yet relaxed back

-breathing deep and watching my breath for at least 3 in- and outbreaths

-then slowly taking the brush, dipping it in the colour of my choice and drawing an enso.


Further creative Ideas are:

– if you feel especially crafty, of course it’s fantastic to prepare a few backgrounds.

– to do so, choose acrylics or watercolour and paint the backgrounds with them so you have a few waiting for the next ensos to come.

-if you have A5 index Cards, These are great for ensos, too. and they are small enough to Frame or hang a collection of your favourites.

driftwood and circles i

Not an enso but a natural circle which always inspires me for ensos


-I am planning to paint a few dark backgrounds, maybe dark marroon or dark Petrol blue, and paint a White enso .. just one way to Experiment with colour combinations.

If you feel like joining, please feel free to drop a comment and maybe a photo Gallery contact info, maybe us interested People can blog-link each other to Exchange. I am very much looking forward to Hearing from you!

To see you off, here are a few inspiring Impressions from Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful artwork:

Enso_smile_breathe (480x640)

Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh







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Morning (de-)light …or …how the simple things in life contribute to my happiness

Brush bouquet

Brush Bouquet

The good thing about being an early bird is to being able to walk around the flat when it’s still so quiet outside,

when the light is very Special and therefore my camera is silently begging to be picked up.

The photos are taken at home with a mindful attitude and a thankful heart.

Inspired by Susannah Conway, Tara Leaver and the amazing Project you find on

Coffee scent in the kitchen, a heart in the milk foam almost too nice to make me drink the coffee...

Coffee scent in the kitchen, a heart in the milk foam almost too nice to make me drink the coffee…


Tulips ... reminding me that the next spring is just around the corner

Tulips … reminding me that the next spring is just around the corner

Fairy lights warming the atmosphere

Fairy lights warming the atmosphere

berry light (640x597)

closeup of the other “yarnball-style” fairy lights – I love the light spreading through the holes, reflecting on the wall.

friendly and charming roommates ;)

friendly and charming roommates ūüėČ

The reason why I love taking photos of my beloved everyday simplicity, the things I refuse to take for granted although they happen to be around me seemingly “all the time” is that I am making sure to have a Little “vacation mindset” during the week.

I do not want to wait for the next ‘real’ vacation to feel happy and grateful, nor do I think that waiting for a vacation of 5 days could release work stress of 5 weeks for example.

driftwood and circles i

driftwood and circles

star shaped tree bark (can it get any better?) and circles on my old table which probably would have a few stories to tell. How I love this kitchen table. It came to me as a gift and I do not want to take it for granted.So much Beauty in its imperfection!

star shaped tree bark (can it get any better?) and circles on my old table which probably would have a few stories to tell. How I love this kitchen table. It came to me as a gift and I do not want to take it for granted.So much Beauty in its imperfection!

If you haven’t done this (in a while) I invite you to take your camera and look around your house:

-take photos of things which have accompanied you for a long time, which have a story to tell (and maybe write down the story for them if you feel inspired to do so)

-take photos of how the morning/noon/afternoon or evening light makes parts of your place so special

-take photos of little treats which can¬†help to press the pause button during your day…. like a cup of tea or coffee you are enjoying

-take photos of things you once purchased or got as a gift, which mean a lot to you, but which sit at the same place for a while already and might be taken for granted a little ¬†…

And just as important:

  • What do you do with your photos?

  • When do you take time to print them?

  • Do you want to put them into a Journal or Album?

  • Do you feel like making a Collage? Craft a postcard to a dear friend with the help of these photos?

  • Do you feel like posting them in a blog – for example – and possibly inspire others?

  • Maybe even put them into a Special file to go make a photobook with them at a photostore, as a reminder of lots of things to be happy about?

My experience is that it’s of course very nice and precious to first of all take photos with the mindset I have described in here.

But, you know…¬†these days, yeah, sure, you can take zillions of photos with your digital camera, store them in files and even give them captions and names. If you give These photos a Special “presentation”, honour them with your time and Attention, they might serve you as a reminder of reasons to be happy about “the simple things in life”.

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." - Henry Ward Beecher

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” – Henry Ward Beecher

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Some personal thoughts on contemplative artmaking

Mandala doodle over a circle smooshed with gel medium and acrylics

Mandala doodle over a circle smooshed with gel medium and acrylics

concentric circles. tons of layers, a 'few' spoons of texture paste...and a dark greyish purple mud structure getting a brighter existence. the Feeling of having managed to "brighten it up" was similar to a Situation in social life getting cleared up

concentric circles. tons of layers, a ‘few’ spoons of texture paste…and a dark greyish purple mud structure getting a brighter existence. the Feeling of having managed to “brighten it up” was similar to a Situation in social life getting cleared up

Two friends and I did this swirl in the Spirit (unlike the skills ;) ...) of Tibetan Monks. Lesson to learn: Patience, being in the Moment, letting go

Two friends and I did this swirl in the Spirit (unlike the skills ūüėČ …) of Tibetan Monks. Lesson to learn: Patience, being in the Moment, letting go

Working on "Buddha faces" - Stockmar crayons

Working on “Buddha faces” – Stockmar crayons

My major motivation to take a brush/Crayons/pens&pencils out to start creating something is to do something contemplative.

-the movement of your Hands,

-breathing with awareness,  witnessing of what goes on inside while making a particular brush stroke for example

-the choice of colours and shapes

-the choice of style and the activity of building layers, including natural ingredients such as smaller twigs or sand, tiny pebbles or a sea Shell

can be consciously chosen to¬†develop a contemplative mind set – so circular movements are my favourites to deal with my “crazy monkey mind” (as Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche would put it)¬† – If you haven’t experienced it, just take some colour and a big Piece of paper and start making circles ….but: without the inention to create perfection. Witness the Feelings and sensations while doing so.

The results often are precious to me. And it’s not in the first place because I think the end result is so outstanding and good, it’s more like I have a Souvenir of a process which was unique and very likely to having taught me something about myself.

You see some of the latest ‘souvenirs’ in this post.



‘Life is about using the whole box of crayons’ – (Unknown; source: Pinterest)

Enso - the first ever. The love for ensos was born that day and hasn't left ever since.

Enso – the first ever. The love for ensos was born that day and hasn’t left ever since.

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and to lose ourselves at the same time’ – Thomas Merton

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A mindful walk with a dear friend and our cameras: some impressions

Cherry blossoms in early January. A rare guest

Cherry blossoms in early January. A rare guest

IMG_2717 (427x640)

tree bark – might serve as reference for my upcoming painting Project. Just have to purchase some new gesso before starting. ūüôā

IMG_2718 (640x548)

The “dancing tree”



IMG_2722 (640x427)

the Beauty of complementary colours

IMG_2724 (640x427)

IMG_2733 (640x592)

Bridge perspective

IMG_2730 (640x427)

My favourite. so much grace in this twig …

IMG_2728 (640x427)

twig network

Amazing bark

Amazing bark

IMG_2739 (427x640)


IMG_2765 (427x640)

Birch bark heart

IMG_2760 (640x427)

Wood impression

IMG_2754 (640x427)

seagulls on the parkpond. where do they travel to? Where do they come from?

IMG_2745 (640x593)

smile for the camera

IMG_2762 (317x640) IMG_2763 (640x427)

Birch bark heart

Birch bark heart

IMG_2778 (640x427)

Beauty of the tree

IMG_2782 (590x640)

Heart shape on the street

IMG_2776 (640x427)

what a colour combination on one bark…

IMG_2779 (640x588)


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Happy new year with a prayer from Plum Village

IMG_2263 (446x640)

Happy new year to everyone who is reading this post. May you have a wonderful year!

I want to post a prayer from Plum Village. For this purpose I copied the text here:


This prayer was offered by the Plum Village fourfold sangha as part of the midnight ceremony to mark the dawn of the New Year 2014.

“Dear Beloved Father Sun ‚Äď Bodhisattva Mahavairocana Tathagata,

Dear Beloved Mother Earth ‚Äď Bodhisattva Mahagaia,

Dear Beloved Ancestors, both Spiritual and Genetic,


We present ourselves before you at this solemn moment of the New Year to express our gratitude and deep aspiration as a spiritual family.

Dear Father Sun, your infinite light is the nourishing source of all species. You are our Sun, a great Buddha, a great Bodhisattva, our Great Tathagata Sun,our source of limitless light and life. You are not only in the sky but you are also ever-present in Mother Earth and in us. Just as our life depends on our heart, so too does our life depend on you. We bow our heads this evening with gratitude for your radiant non-discrimination and gift of life.

Dear Mother Earth, with your patience, stability, endurance and creativity you have nourished and guided us through many lifetimes. You have given birth to us and to countless, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Saints. You, our beautiful blue planet, are the Earth Refreshing Bodhisattva‚Äďfragrant, cool, and kind. Yet for many lifetimes we have suffered, and made you suffer, because we have been unable to see you as the Pure Land, as the very Kingdom of God: the most beautiful place in the Heavens. Despite our many mistakes, you have always forgiven us, and are always ready to open your arms and embrace us.

Because of our wrong perceptions and discrimination we have lived a life of separation, hatred, loneliness, violence and despair. We have allowed individualism to prevail, causing great damage and hardship to ourselves and to you, dear Mother Earth. We have run after fame, wealth, power, and sensual pleasures, forgetting that these pursuits can never bring us true happiness. We have become restless and distracted, running away from ourselves, our beloved ones and from you, dear Mother Earth. As a society and as a civilization we know we are going in the wrong direction.

Dear Mother Earth, Dear Father Sun and Dear Ancestors, tonight, on the occasion of the New Year 2014, we give rise to the deep aspiration to begin anew, to go in a new direction and request your forgiveness for all our mistakes. With great respect we make the deep aspiration to live mindfully each moment of our daily life. We promise to stop running away from our suffering, losing ourselves in consumption. We promise to come home to ourselves with compassion, to recognize, embrace and look deeply into our suffering. We promise to take refuge in you, dear Mother Earth, and your capacity to nourish, heal and embrace all that is. We promise to offer our true presence to our beloved ones and not to get too busy, striving for success ‚Äď even in pursuit of our dreams. We know that we can realize our dreams in every moment, and we vow to live every day of 2014 as a realization of our dream. We know that time is not money. Time is life, and time is love. We promise to live simply, to love one another with non-discrimination, to build true brotherhood and sisterhood and respect our deepest aspiration.

Dear Mother Earth, you have been calling out to us for many lifetimes, and some of us have been able to hear your pain. You have asked if you can count on us, your children, to lovingly heal and transform ourselves and the present situation. In this solemn moment of the New Year, with our palms joined and body and mind united, we promise that you can count on us. You can have faith and confidence in us.

We shall practice for you, Mother Earth, Father Sun, for all our ancestors and future generations so that joy, peace, harmony and love will always be present in this world. Please accept our offerings of incense, flowers, fruit, tea, and love. Respected Father Sun, Respected Mother Earth, Dear Ancestors, please have trust in us.”


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Interested in Meditation? Maybe you might like to stop by at Headspace

Sitting on this meditation cushion for about 400 days so far has taught me a lot about saying yes to situations, emotions, things which are not always easy to accept.

Sitting on this meditation cushion for about 400 days so far has taught me a lot about saying yes to situations, emotions, things which are not always easy to accept.

What is Headspace?                                

“Headspace is a project designed to demystify meditation. Using the wonders of science and technology, we make it easy-to-learn, fun-to-do, and relevant to your everyday life.” (taken from the website, see link below)

Sounds interesting?

Then feel invited to go this interesting Website .¬†If you are on Facebook and you follow “Headspace” there, you may see that Andy, one of the makers of Headspace, often posts questions or facts about meditations which only take half a minute to read but motivate you to keep up or build your own meditation practice.

I personally do not need the support of any Website to appreciate the benefits of meditation and Keep the practice up,  but I find it really wonderful that people who might usually not come across this Topic might find it through media and the Internet.


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Lists have a value way beyond grocery shopping and writing down your to-do’s

This late morning, I took the bus from my quarter to the other end of the City . Next to me, there was an old Lady, who spread such a calmness and comfortable quietness:

She sat there, her numerous farmer’s market Shopping bags at her feet, deeply sunken into reading her book.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I just liked e-verything about this Impression:

  • The way she sat in the bus like it was a comfy armchair in a quiet surrounding, totally living in the moment and enjoying her book
  • The way he solemnly Held the book in her Hands (and noticing that I often seem to notice things like that, that I am moved by how people treat their books…)
  • The fact that she loves reading on the bus, something she and I share.
  • (…)

As someone who is into journalling, keeping sketchbooks, art journals and other Notebooks in the same period of time, I decided to refresh my list of

Simple Everyday things I love

Ok then. Back home. Getting the particular Notebook (to which I’ll be referring more detailed in a bit), opening it and reading my list about the Topic like mentioned above.¬†¬†

IMG_2062 (510x640)

The black book under the pen and the “post-it-Gallery” is the very HBOL (happy book of lists)

Goosebumps! Because I only list happy things. and now the beans are spilled.

yes, I Keep a list book: “The happy book of lists”

I also do lists for grocery Shopping and cleaning up the rooms in my Apartment, Long days full of work…but this is of course not what I am talking about here.¬†I cannot even remember when exactly I started making happy lists so consciously, but it must have been around the time when I took part in an intensive Basic Life-/Work-Planning Workshop

(a ressource-oriented, alternative Approach to ‘job-huntin’, Nelson-Bowles is name connected to this Approach, and “what colour is your parachute” is a book which introduces many of These ideas. Highly recommended, even if you are sure not to leave your Job for the next 30 years!)

However…in this Workshop you list things to get closer to your interests, for example sorted by your senses plus other criteria, such as “which Kind of Magazine attracts you”… Anyone who has experience with Coaching might think this sounds familiar (yes, of course).

You don’t have study positive psychology – though it’s something I have on one of my lists ; ) to get how the lists can positively affect your mood.

At least as far as I am concerned. Reading listed things I love, sorted by Topic (I’ll get to this in a minute) – feels Kind of…”getting connected” or like “a circle closing” or just like fulfillment.¬† Here is an example of a list which gives me wings:

simple life pleasure you can’t buy:

  • seeing someone solemnly reading a book and Holding this book like it was a treausre
  • seeing my two rabbits “tidy up” the fresh hay right after I put it into their ‘villa’ ..mindfully taking every bit of it and finding the perfect spot for it on the ground
  • the smell of a match after lighting a candle
  • the smell of whitebread with sugar crust in the kitchen
  • coming into a coffee scented room
  • watching a child walk around, holding the ‘paw’ of a plush animal in the hand, with this seriousness those short ones have.
  • the Sound of my small Brown coffee Cup when I put it on the saucer
  • the poppy- and cornflowers bowing when I drive past them on the countryside in summer…¬†on my way to work
  • the light in the Loggia in late afternoon.
  • The warmth of the dark Brown wooden window frames between kitchen (which is mostly kept in a mix of cinnamon Brown, creamy White, chocolate¬†¬†brown …) and Loggia, and how warm this feels when the sun shines into the Loggia, the shadows of the Little cherry tree being cast into the Loggia
  • sitting on my Meditation cushion, smelling incense and breathing deeply
  • the Sound of my graphite pen on paper, which is attached to a wooden board.
  • the rest of acrylic colour on the Palette.
  • the old teapot and the slight scent of my favourite tea which clings to it
  • my art supplies in the Loggia and the easel – wating and calling out to me¬†¬† ūüėČ

After getting Long-term inspired by the books about art-making and creativity by

  • Tara Leaver
  • Sara Ahearn Bellemare (‘Painted Pages’ – an Approach to creatively using your Sketchbook and developing paintings out of it)
  • The online Project ICAD = Index Card a Day
  • and ‘Drawing your Life by Michael Nobbs

(see, a list again…haha) I am starting to use the idea of Michael Nobbs to draw everyday things surrounding me, like a teapot for example, an Impression of an Artist presented by Sara Ahearn Bellemare, who draws ALL her to-do lists, such as “what to pack for vacation”¬†(looooove this¬†idea),¬†(…….)

  • to draw, (coloured pencils and beeswax Crayons preferredly)
  • sketch,
  • make Little collages
  • print with rubberstamps

So you get pictures who go right to your heart. I have about 12 or 13 index Cards so far. but the pile is growing. And before letting you  off the hook for your Saturday, dear Reader, imagine this:

Having a box of Pictures showing your personal (and personally crafted!) happiness-triggers! Imagine that! The winter might be Long and I can only speak for myself but at some Point after all the Holidays, the lack of ligth is getting a Little …old.. and I will be happy to Charge up by getting my box and looking at my happy artworks. (To mention the list-word one last time haha, so far, my finished index Cards came from words on the ….you know…lists. No, I am not Monk’s sister by the way hahahahaha)

Please, pretty please, dear Reader, if you have Ideas which anyhow relate to the ones introduced here…please share them, I am very interested in new approaches!

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One day I want to start every school day for my students with a singing bowl and precious, quiet me-time. The article shows how important this is.

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Twelve years ago…

IMG_1713 (533x800)

It seems that many people are looking back to the day twelve years ago from today. And I have already heard interesting   thoughts all day today. Like often when a tragedy strikes, people are able to remember where exactly they were when they heard the News.

  So, where was I? Twelve years ago, it was my fifth day of an exchange Seminar between a german centre for political and social  education and a College in Burlington, Vermont. We were welcomed with a friendliness and generorisity I have hardly ever experienced before.

The very moment, when one of our group came running to me, telling me I had to come look at the TV Screen in the B&B breakfast room,  I had just sent off an email to a dear friend, telling her how great it is and how happy I am to be in Vermont. So we ran to the TV and followed the unspeakably horrible News, then ran to the college-hall, where obviously everyone from the Campus was staring at the Screen. Only then I learned how many of the students there had parents who worked in the building.


Lake Champlain from the Burlington wharves

Lake Champlain from the Burlington wharves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were teachers and college staff Walking around and checking on students, and in the middle of all this incredible chaos, These News, this fear, they somehow even managed to reserve a phone for us 20 german guests to phone home for a sec to say we are ok¬† to our families.¬† But what I remember just as much as these impressions of planes¬†crashing into theTwin Towers and people jumping off it… were the days which followed.

The schedule of our Exchange Seminar had both New York and Washington picked out. For the most obvious reasons we cancelled these plans quite soon …but what then? We were invited to stay at St. Michael’s College, but the B&B was overbooked. Where to put 20 people? Within half a day – or so it seems – one of the Exchange committee managed to come up with 2 students plus several host families for the upcoming Weekend, who invited us to stay over.

Just to stress again the Dimension of it: There was this wonderful familiy, being shaken by the News of their Country being attacked, being completely unaware of what might come like everyone at this time, opening their houses (and hearts!!!!!) to two strangers from Germany.

When our amazing host mum picked us up on the Campus, she said that she feels,¬†now it’s even more important to open your heart and show friendliness towards people so that the good wins.

Not only did she pick us up and take us to the family’s beautiful home on Grand Isle, VT, but the whole Family also made us feel home the very second we arrived. We prepared dinner together, we took a walk, we even met up with another Family, who also hosted one of our group….not to speak of the world-best pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast. On Sunday, the Family treated us to a daytrip around northern Vermont, a mountain hike, a coffee at “Trapps’s” in Stowe…oh, and an absolutely funny summerslide.

I hope that I will have the chance to do a similar thing one day, too.¬† until then, I am doing my best to remind myself that things like supporting people close to your heart¬†or even not so Close, by friendliness and compassion in everyday life, e.g. letting a hilariously slow vehicle “enter” the Highway ^^ (it does take a Little Patience, I tell ya ^^), helping an old Lady from the neighbourhood¬†find her Shopping bag on the street,¬† baking a cake for someone who has lots on his or her mind, writing a “thinking of you” postcard, not getting into an argument about a parking spot with an angry stranger…¬† (add some ideas to the list) just to let “the good win”,to put a smile on somebody else’s face.


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