Feeling quite honoured and thankful to accept the ABC Award – Thanks, David!

When I started this blog, I had zero idea of wordpress or blogging in general. It turned out to be something I really enjoy. And most important, meeting likeminded people here , broadening my horizon even…how wonderful.

There is this one person here on WordPress, of whom I knew a wonderful, wonderful YouTube Clip, The “Pebble in your Pocket Meditation” many months before starting this blog.

Then exactly this person’s blog is the first I ever get stuck with and just a few months later, this wonderful, mindful, creative, unique person nominates me for a blog Award. How can I not feel honoured…and how can I not accept it?

So thank you very much, David! 

I know somebody has nominated for the Award yet, but please let me nominate you right back, too, because your blog is beyond amazing.

To accept the Award, I have to do the following things:

1.  Post the ABC Award logo on my site
2.  Write an ABC list that is relevant to who I am
3.  Nominate others for the Award

awesome-blog-content-award (282x143)

Posting Award Logo: check!

My personal ABC-list turns out to be like this:

Artmaking is something I enjoy doing and which keeps me in the here and now

Buddhistic teachings – so peaceful, so deeply philantrophic and a truly rich and deeply experienced form of psychology to me

Creativity is intelligence having fun – a saying I really like 🙂

Drinking tea just to drink tea – my evening ritual after sitting Meditation

Eftalou is a place on the Island Lesvos, Greece, I will never Forget.

Forgiving yourself and others -a real gift and a real challenge at times

Green is my favourite colour – since kindergarten times

Hesse- one of my very favourite authors

Insight – this is what I sometimes have, sometimes don’t have during sitting Meditation

Joy – something precious, something you can share in abundance and it multiplies.

Kunsttherapie is the German word for Art Therapy and I just got accepted as a art therapy Trainee at college- for which I am very grateful

Loggia – my happiest place in the apartment

Meditation – sitting Meditation has become as natural as brushing teeth. I will take my zafu on every trip, even to a sleepover with friends

Never thought It’d take so Long to come up with this Alphabet Poem 😉

Often is a word I use way to often (you see?) and which tends to be a bit attaching here and there…oh well

Painting – is a way to be mindful to me

Quiet – a Quality

Reading – a Passion.

Sea – I love to go visit the sea and spend time at the beach, listening to the waves and doing my “pebble top ten Beauty contest ” 🙂

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Dharma talk on the 2nd of June touched me deeply.

Under the stars – each summer I want to sleep outside under the stars and watch the sky til the eyelids drop.

Vino is not only the word for wine but also the Name of a Pony I wanted to buy aged 11 as soon as I won the lottery (never happened)

Where is my next roadtrip /hiking trip going is a fun question to ask

X strikes me as a difficult letter to be creatively writing about myself here

Zafu – my dear Meditation cushion, has travelled the world with me (so far, Europe, but we’ll see to that)

Here are my favourite Blogs – each of them touching my heart, making me thoughtful or happy, each one is deeply inspiring

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