Autumn – A Soundtrack for the Season

IMG_1907 (640x558)IMG_1758 (800x606)This year we are having a very golden-sunny start into autumn. This morning, driving to work, the light was amazing… As I am a quite associative kind of person, somehow the views of the countryside I was passing in this golden light, together with the Music in the car, Kind of left an imaginary cinnamon scent and taste in my “System” 🙂

Do you have for example music attached to a particular season, too? I have just started mixing my autumn Soundtrack 2013, and here is the tracklist:


  • The Swell Season: Papercup
  • Elvis Perkins: Moon Woman II
  • Regina Spektor: Genius Next Door
  • Kings of Convenience: Homesick
  • Gus Black: Certain Kind of light – acoustic
  • The Swell Season: Low Rising
  • Wilco: Sky Blue Sky
  • The Swell Season: Back Broke
  • Matt Costa: Vienna
  • Passenger: Let Her Go – acoustic
  • Death Cab for Cutie: I Will Follow You into the Dark
  • Wilco: Jesus etc.
  • The Swell Season/Glen Hansard: Say it to me now
  • Gus Black: The Afterlife
  • Feist: Gatekeeper
  • Damien Rice: Older Chests

To put you in the mood…here are a few excerpts of this playlist:

My very very dear The Swell Season –  it’s not a Clip I recorded, but: I have been to this very concert in Paris at La Cigale and will not ever forget it! ten hankies!

In this Clip of Say It To Me Now by Glen Hansard it was about the 5th string breaking in this concert… 🙂

And a heartwarming one of the same concert – Back Broke with the audience as backup choir:









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Feeling quite honoured and thankful to accept the ABC Award – Thanks, David!

When I started this blog, I had zero idea of wordpress or blogging in general. It turned out to be something I really enjoy. And most important, meeting likeminded people here , broadening my horizon even…how wonderful.

There is this one person here on WordPress, of whom I knew a wonderful, wonderful YouTube Clip, The “Pebble in your Pocket Meditation” many months before starting this blog.

Then exactly this person’s blog is the first I ever get stuck with and just a few months later, this wonderful, mindful, creative, unique person nominates me for a blog Award. How can I not feel honoured…and how can I not accept it?

So thank you very much, David! 

I know somebody has nominated for the Award yet, but please let me nominate you right back, too, because your blog is beyond amazing.

To accept the Award, I have to do the following things:

1.  Post the ABC Award logo on my site
2.  Write an ABC list that is relevant to who I am
3.  Nominate others for the Award

awesome-blog-content-award (282x143)

Posting Award Logo: check!

My personal ABC-list turns out to be like this:

Artmaking is something I enjoy doing and which keeps me in the here and now

Buddhistic teachings – so peaceful, so deeply philantrophic and a truly rich and deeply experienced form of psychology to me

Creativity is intelligence having fun – a saying I really like 🙂

Drinking tea just to drink tea – my evening ritual after sitting Meditation

Eftalou is a place on the Island Lesvos, Greece, I will never Forget.

Forgiving yourself and others -a real gift and a real challenge at times

Green is my favourite colour – since kindergarten times

Hesse- one of my very favourite authors

Insight – this is what I sometimes have, sometimes don’t have during sitting Meditation

Joy – something precious, something you can share in abundance and it multiplies.

Kunsttherapie is the German word for Art Therapy and I just got accepted as a art therapy Trainee at college- for which I am very grateful

Loggia – my happiest place in the apartment

Meditation – sitting Meditation has become as natural as brushing teeth. I will take my zafu on every trip, even to a sleepover with friends

Never thought It’d take so Long to come up with this Alphabet Poem 😉

Often is a word I use way to often (you see?) and which tends to be a bit attaching here and there…oh well

Painting – is a way to be mindful to me

Quiet – a Quality

Reading – a Passion.

Sea – I love to go visit the sea and spend time at the beach, listening to the waves and doing my “pebble top ten Beauty contest ” 🙂

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Dharma talk on the 2nd of June touched me deeply.

Under the stars – each summer I want to sleep outside under the stars and watch the sky til the eyelids drop.

Vino is not only the word for wine but also the Name of a Pony I wanted to buy aged 11 as soon as I won the lottery (never happened)

Where is my next roadtrip /hiking trip going is a fun question to ask

X strikes me as a difficult letter to be creatively writing about myself here

Zafu – my dear Meditation cushion, has travelled the world with me (so far, Europe, but we’ll see to that)

Here are my favourite Blogs – each of them touching my heart, making me thoughtful or happy, each one is deeply inspiring

  1. itstartedwithaquote.wordpress.com/
  2. http://slsmyth.wordpress.com/
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Buddha Garden


Photo credit: European Institute of Applied Buddhism

Photo credit: European Institute of Applied Buddhism

Photo credit: European Institute of Applied Buddhism

Photo credit: European Institute of Applied Buddhism


As I am not always able to drive the 150 kilometres to sit in this wonderful garden I started to wonder, like always, when returning from an extraordinary place, whether or not I appreciate my immediate surroundings enough and if there is a place, which might become my personal Buddha garden. Besides my breathing room, I mean. I did come up with a spot in a park with very old trees here in my hometown.

Now I am asking you – do you have happy places nearby you really like and which have dropped out of your mind lately?

Maybe you could make a list for yourself of places nearby you might want to visit (with or without camera), being aware of the details you love about this place.

I recommend bringing a thermos with tea, maybe you are like me and enjoying tea slows you down in a healing way, too. ….so you are likely to sit down at your special place, slowly drink your tea, breathing in the scent of the tea…breathing out and living in the very moment.


Drink Your Tea

Drink your tea slowly and reverently,

as if it is the axis

on which the world earth revolves –

slowly, evenly, without

rushing toward the future;

Live the actual moment.

Only this moment is life.

-Thich Nhat Hanh-



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The sky and a poem


IMG_1806 (800x533)


IMG_1800 (800x488)

Here are  few photos of last night’s beautiful sky.. maybe you even see shapes in the clouds –

  still one of my favourite Imagination exercises here and there

And there is another of Poem by Neruda I just felt like adding – inspired by the photos.

Possibly a good painting-inspiration:

IMG_1793 (800x528) (2)                


Ode To Enchanted Light


Under the trees light

has dropped from the top of the sky,


like a green

latticework of branches,


on every leaf,

drifting down like clean

white sand.


A cicada sends

its sawing song

high into the empty air.


The world is

a glass overflowing

with water.




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Back from the arts supplies store. Ready to play : ) … and introducing Michael Nobbs “Drawing your life”

New toys. horray!

New toys. horray!


Just getting back from the Arts supplies store (before that: a visit to the farmers’ market including Caffe Moccha and rhubarb streusel cake, buying fresh flowers for the Loggia-slash-studio and multicoloured veggies)

So a good part of today’s noon to early evening will be spent mixed media-ish… not only on the canvas, but by mixing a new tape to accompany the painting, painting with lots of other things besides brushes (well, like old toothbrushes, rugs, fingers, old credit cards….)

This post is quite inspiring today’s plans:


And today, after having listened to “Cerulean” by Ben Leinbach for about 10 times… we’ll see what happens

A Quote came up today, too… well..it’s really mixed media all over:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anaïs Nin

Big and courgeous words to me.

IMG_1759 (533x800)

Here Comes a more everyday-life but yet very very unique way of approaching the Topic of art:

Let me introduce Michael Nobbs to you.

Michael Nobbs, well, his blog Kind of popped up… somewhere….I do not even remember where…but it’s amazing it did. He released a book  he developed during a time with low energy. he was diagnosed with this “chronic fatigue Syndrome” and had to rest lots. That’s when he started drawing, there, right in this bedroom. As he had not too many possibilities to get around, he draw everyday things.

That’s where he got me! I love the Magic of simplicity, the beautiful of your personal still lifes like just a Cup of tea on a coaster or something…just imagine your favourite Cup on your favourite spot and you can probably already tell that there are colours, shapes and generally impressions mixing right there!







Here you can get a Little taste of what it is like to get into Michael Nobbs’s world of ideas. I was happy to read that he refers to Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and very curious about a book called “The Zen of Seeing” by a dutch author I am yet to check out.

In the Video Clip you can see that the book is for drawing, doodling, scribbling in it. 🙂 Fun to be had!

One of my favourite pages is a double page, where he says “treat yourself to a breakfast in a Café” and then you are to draw your table and condiments and then your breakfast on the next page.

With my dearest Inspirations at the Moment, namely the book “Creative Spark” by Tara Leaver, as well as looking at her online Gallery or reading her Poems, Flora Bowley’s Approach to Artmaking, Michael Nobbs’s way of cherishing the simple everyday life through painting… Susannah Conway’s take of photography …all this Closes the circle between my Intention to find different ways to practice mindfulness and making art. why?

I pay Attention to the very treasures in the very present and just where I stand or sit.

Partly this leads to taking photos or drawing.

Which again might lead to a painting.

All this keeping me quite in the very Moment.

Which is intense.

And fulfilling.

And emotional.

And so worth it!

Let me Close today’s post with a Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote which happens to make me feel Kind of adventurous:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and  leave a trail.”

Ralph  Waldo Emerson

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“Soul poetry”: even more reasons why I am happy having discovered Tara Leaver’s inspiration! What a treasure / Noch mehr Gründe, warum, ich froh bin, Tara Leaver’s Inspirationen entdeckt zu haben. Was für Gaben!!

First of all, as you may notice, I am getting bilingual. Because. Yes. Well. Maybe add French occasionally, too.                                      IMG_1697 (332x535)

Ersteinmal, das wird schon aufgefallen bin, werde ich hier zweisprachig. Darum. Ja. Vielleicht kommt gelentlich noch Französisch dazu (aber das wird dann eher Comedy)

And to add some design and some code, I decided to write the English green and the german blue, so the outcome might shimmer turquoise-ish.:)

Und um ein wenig Design zu ergänzen (oh, elegant formuliert) und ein wenig Orientierung zu bieten ;-), beschloss ich das Englische in grün und das Deutsch in Blau zu schreiben, so dass das Ergebnis etwas Türkisschimmerndes ist.

Just last Weekend, I came across this wonderful Artist, Tara Leaver, from Brighton, UK (hello, Tara!).  Reading around in her blog is like finding treasure after treasure. And how literal this can get I am going to Show you in a Little bit.

Erst vergangenes Wochenende habe ich diese wunderbare Künstlerin entdeckt, Tara Leaver, aus Brighton, UK. In ihrem Blog zu lesen ist so als ob man einen Schatz nach dem anderen findet!! Und wie wörtlich das zu nehmen ist, werde ich gleich noch zeigen.                DSCF0910 (600x800)




Tara did/or does.. a wonderful thing which I am very eager to try out as soon as possible: She collects Stones from the beach, draws and writes lovely things on them and then puts them on benches or comparable places in public for People to find them. Imagine! You sit down, having a few dreamy minutes outside, breathing fresh air and find a beautiful Little Stone with a unique writing or painting on it!

Tara hat etwas Wunderbares gemacht, und ich bin ziemlich scharf darauf, das so bald wie möglich auch auszuprobieren: Sie sammelt Steine am Strand (oh Moment, also muss ich bald ans Meer! Ja gerne! …) und schreibt oder malt etwas Schönes darauf. Danach setzt sie die Steine irgendwo draußen auf eine Bank. Stellt euch das mal vor! Du bist draußen an der frischen Luft bei einem Spaziergang, setzt dich auf eine schöne Bank und neben dir findest du so einen hübschen Stein mit einem einzigartigen kleinen Ornament oder einem schönen Spruch darauf!

I won’t Keep you waiting much longer.

Jetzt werde ich euch nicht länger hinhalten.



Please, dear Reader, if you have done/heard of something similar, you are very welcome to comment!

Best wishes to all of you – I hope you enjoy following the link.

Die besten Wünsche für euch alle – ich hoffe, der link gefällt euch.




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