Music at its emotional best – Glen Hansard performing in the most wonderful bookstore “Shakespeare and Company”, Paris

English: The Shakespeare and Company store is ...

English: The Shakespeare and Company store is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you imagine two favourite things -from separate categories -like Music and books (oh yes, oh yessss), they are not necessarily being put together. in this case, and this is almost too good to be true, my favourite musician …ever… Glen Hansard, played a gig in

the most, most, most beautiful

bookstore on this planet (to me) – Shakespeare and Company. If I’d known about it, I would have turned into a backpacker, being happy about a direct Train Connection between my hometown and Paris  and would have run to the store right away to get this. Like I said, it’s almost too much. Almost only 🙂

If you would like to listen to a clearly irishlooking guy with a great voice (with real emotions in it) and an outstanding talent for songwriting in a “sacred” Setting like Shakespeare and Company, treat yourself:

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Getting a pile of CDs sorted…and sharing some really good tunes with you.

English: Elvis Perkins performing live at Joe'...

English: Elvis Perkins performing live at Joe’s Pub in New York City on March 1, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Matt Costa playing live at the 2006 C...

Originally… I was just trying to find a particular cd. By doing so, I looked throug my “theme” files, theme because I sort them by “life-events”/”travel spots” or similaar personal criteria 🙂

I am right now happily listening – with the usual goosebumps those two artists are able to cause – to

Matt Costa


Ash Wednesday (album)

Ash Wednesday (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Elvis Perkis (and with his band: Elvis Perkins in Dearland)

It goes  together quite well with a certain sweet nostalgia I get every time I look at my bookshelve with the Canada travel guides.

Because through the funniest “coincidences”, or rather a really amazing Artist Manager, namely Chris Fenn, managing Matt Costa, I not only travelled Canada for 3 and a half weeks. I also made sure to be in Ottawa just in time for the amazing Ottawa Blues Fest 2006.

Both, Matt and the band around Elvis Perkins (son of actor Anthony Perkins) hung out to watch other bands after their own gigs and I had talked to one of Elvis’s band before knowing he belongs to a band, thinking he was simply a visitor like me… well… until he climbed the stage to Play a number with Matt there 🙂

If you like Music with real acoustic guitars, really good and unique voices and truely felt Messages… you might want to listen to one or two of These Songs in the Clips down here.

Elvis Perkins

Matt Costa

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Twelve years ago…

IMG_1713 (533x800)

It seems that many people are looking back to the day twelve years ago from today. And I have already heard interesting   thoughts all day today. Like often when a tragedy strikes, people are able to remember where exactly they were when they heard the News.

  So, where was I? Twelve years ago, it was my fifth day of an exchange Seminar between a german centre for political and social  education and a College in Burlington, Vermont. We were welcomed with a friendliness and generorisity I have hardly ever experienced before.

The very moment, when one of our group came running to me, telling me I had to come look at the TV Screen in the B&B breakfast room,  I had just sent off an email to a dear friend, telling her how great it is and how happy I am to be in Vermont. So we ran to the TV and followed the unspeakably horrible News, then ran to the college-hall, where obviously everyone from the Campus was staring at the Screen. Only then I learned how many of the students there had parents who worked in the building.


Lake Champlain from the Burlington wharves

Lake Champlain from the Burlington wharves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were teachers and college staff Walking around and checking on students, and in the middle of all this incredible chaos, These News, this fear, they somehow even managed to reserve a phone for us 20 german guests to phone home for a sec to say we are ok  to our families.  But what I remember just as much as these impressions of planes crashing into theTwin Towers and people jumping off it… were the days which followed.

The schedule of our Exchange Seminar had both New York and Washington picked out. For the most obvious reasons we cancelled these plans quite soon …but what then? We were invited to stay at St. Michael’s College, but the B&B was overbooked. Where to put 20 people? Within half a day – or so it seems – one of the Exchange committee managed to come up with 2 students plus several host families for the upcoming Weekend, who invited us to stay over.

Just to stress again the Dimension of it: There was this wonderful familiy, being shaken by the News of their Country being attacked, being completely unaware of what might come like everyone at this time, opening their houses (and hearts!!!!!) to two strangers from Germany.

When our amazing host mum picked us up on the Campus, she said that she feels, now it’s even more important to open your heart and show friendliness towards people so that the good wins.

Not only did she pick us up and take us to the family’s beautiful home on Grand Isle, VT, but the whole Family also made us feel home the very second we arrived. We prepared dinner together, we took a walk, we even met up with another Family, who also hosted one of our group….not to speak of the world-best pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast. On Sunday, the Family treated us to a daytrip around northern Vermont, a mountain hike, a coffee at “Trapps’s” in Stowe…oh, and an absolutely funny summerslide.

I hope that I will have the chance to do a similar thing one day, too.  until then, I am doing my best to remind myself that things like supporting people close to your heart or even not so Close, by friendliness and compassion in everyday life, e.g. letting a hilariously slow vehicle “enter” the Highway ^^ (it does take a Little Patience, I tell ya ^^), helping an old Lady from the neighbourhood find her Shopping bag on the street,  baking a cake for someone who has lots on his or her mind, writing a “thinking of you” postcard, not getting into an argument about a parking spot with an angry stranger…  (add some ideas to the list) just to let “the good win”,to put a smile on somebody else’s face.


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Nationalpark Eifel – sparrows with parking spots, geese, water, woods, pebbles … impressions of a wonderful day

schiefer BaumAm Nationalparktor Rurbergam Ufer Rurberg Wanderwegan Hauswand in Einruhrblau und gruenBrombeeren
Gänsefamilie unterwegsJunge Gans in EinruhrRetro_Schaukelsaftig grüner NationalparkSchieferfelsenSchoene Stelle am Ufer
unberuehrte Natur Rurberg WanderwegTreibholzSpatz mit Parkplatz

Nationalpark Eifel, ein Album auf Flickr.

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Yeah. Finally back on ! :) Back here with photos of the Lake area in the Nationalpark Eifel

schoener Nationalpark

schoene Steine Rurberg (427x640)After a couple of days offline due to changing wireless contracts – having a little “grrrr” because I could not finish the August Break online… I am back on with fast Internet and quite a few new photos and ideas as well.

The two photos you see here are the first 2 of about 40 of yesterday’s daytrip to the Nationalpark Eifel (just 35 car minutes from my home) – and this time


my Memory Card in the camera!

It was a blissful day from beginning to ending and I made a promise to myself that I will go there more often and get to know the area better.. it’s so wonderful to spend all day in this beautiful nature and close to the water.

So – as no slowmotion Internet stick is keeping me from continuing the Blogging: expect to see more photos, especially the very overdue leftover photos of The August Break!

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The August Break – Day # 24 – “hear”

Hearing the sound of water is quality time to me. – I often record the sound of the ocean on trips…


A ranting seagull 🙂

Img0277 (640x480)

Seagull cries in the air in Tadoussac, Bretagne, France

Img0299 (640x480)

Those waves splashing were actually really loud. Bliss to me, stayed there for 2 hours watching the water, soaking up as much of this spectacular nature Scene as possible – in Ploumanach, Bretagne, France

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The August Break – Day # 19 – “white”

DSCF0928 (607x640)

IMG_1901 (640x506)

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Carpe diem and don’t forget your memory card :)

A section of the Wilderness Trail in oak fores...

A section of the Wilderness Trail in oak forest between Leykaul and Erkensruhr in the Eifel National Park, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Today, very spontaneously, I decided I needed some “me-time” at a lake, the Rursee in the beautiful Nationalpark Eifel, about 35 kilometres from my place. The village I went to is also part of the Wilderness Trail, which does require some hiking experience, honestly a bit more than I have to offer at the Moment. Nevertheless. Nature’s Beauty galore.

Gooodness had I amazing sights to take photos of.


If only.

If only I had checked whether or not there is the memory card in my camera!!!! But I didn’t fret, as I decided that this is a perfect excuse to come back with camera soon.

Here is a list of animals I saw within just 3 hours:





one beaver(!)

a mama fox with a young fox

a robin, not very shy, asking for the crumbs of my Sandwich 🙂

I noticed that I hiked on a route which was eplicitly marked as “natural education trail”, which means, there were lots of wooden signs at trees which taught you about the trees. Those signs were so beautiful that only for this it is already worth coming back with camera AND Memory Card 😉 …well, I’ll Keep you posted! I did take some mental Pictures and did my best to mindfully be and stay in the Moment.

lesson learned: why don’t I do this kind of Thing more often? From now on, I will!


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The August Break – Day # 12 – “far away”

First of all, dear Co-August-Breakers and all the observers of the Photography Project, I want to ask you :

Is it just me, or are we all getting even more into it, I dare to say even more philosophical, after about one and a half week with Susannah Conway‘s wonderful prompt list?

Look at all the meanings “far away” can have. Far away as a song title, far away in time, … (dear Sherry and Sherry..)

I chose the meaning “far away in kilometres but close to my heart” and by this outstandingly wonderful landscapes and the turquoise-ish water of the Aegaeis around Lesbos, Greece. Two friends and I met in Wuppertal on Saturday, the three of us have been there last year in summer and seriously think  about going back to the very village in the North of the island next year.

On this hike, the Little Island called "Rabbit Island" seemed unknown and far away back at this Point. Now it is a spot close to my heart and in my daydreams.

On this hike, the Little Island called “Rabbit Island” seemed unknown and far away back at this Point. Now it is a spot close to my heart and in my daydreams.

At the horizon you can see Turkey. On another note. This was the view from our dinner table in the wonderful Taverna in Eftalou

At the horizon you can see Turkey. On another note. This was the view from our dinner table in the wonderful Taverna in Eftalou

This wonderful ocean does seem far away for someone whose elment is most definitely water.

This wonderful ocean does seem far away for someone whose favourite element is most definitely water.

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The August Break – Day # 9 – “taste”


It’s interesting, isn’t it, how we are all able to gather a sense of taste by perceiving a visual imput. (the psychology-neurology-intested parts of my personality speaking there…) Today’s photo is not just a random photo hopefully turning out nice. It’s got several meanings. First of all, this morning, I took time to sit on a sunny bench and read passages of Susannah Conway‘s wonderful book “This I know” …and by coincidence (or not 🙂 ) reading a passage which deals with yummy tasty Food.

This made me go to a bio-deli-store today to get my lunch organized. I love my summer break for this – spontaneously getting off to do something like just getting good food at the other end of the town 🙂

The lunch I got simply consisted of some good bread (French Baguette called “Bonjour”, if that isn’t promising, eh?), prosciutto crudo, peppers filled with cream cheese, a little bit of parmiggiano reggiano.

Lately I find myself reflecting on the impact travelling has had on me. The very very first, so top 1 of all countries I have felt most at home, is CANADA. There I travelled 4200 km between Toronto and Gaspé and back in several loops, plus staying a fantastic week in Toronto and wondering if I should maybe burn my return ticket. 🙂 As a friend and I were lucky to rent a mobile home we kind of had “simple cuisine” for almost a month. I LOVED it. Loved it! A sandwich with cream cheese and fresh tomato: best food ever. Not to speak of little pancakes with regional maple syrup or spontaneous bbq’s with  co-campers and crazy salads along with grilled cod. Bliss. 

What is stuck with me is the very deep love for Canada and also the love for the quality of simple food. By simple food I mean fresh food without fancy stuff. Fresh tomatoes with freshly ground pepper, an apricot, eating a pink Grapefruit, a fresh apple as a snack while sitting at Lake Ontario..

The slovenian people (I stayed in the Triglav National Park, not too different from Canadian landscapes by the way) are known to have a lifestyle of “enjoying slow food”. Little bits of yummy veggies, herbs, spices, olive oil, a good piece of bread. there you go. sit, enjoy and eat for at least two hours, mindfully appreciating the fresh taste.

The people in Greece are very good in pulling off the slow food appreciation, too, they are some of the most accomplished ones. And I hope it rubbed off on me. So,  to make a long story short, of course I didn’t go travelling only because of the food, but food sure is something very typical, something your senses can grasp, while travelling, some way to sense the culture and mood of the areas through which you’re travelling. (by the way, canadian Readers: I also had Poutine! it wasn’t too much my taste because of the cheese but I had to have it. All Canadians told me I had to. 🙂 )

Here’s to simplicity of meals – preferredly enjoyed from eco-bio sources. 


mediterranean lunch

mediterranean lunch

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