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Golden october sunday

Today has been all about the pursuit of Carpe Diem – spending the first half of the day outside on a long photo walk- and the second half at the open Windows of my favourite room in my Appartement, sketching, drawing, colouring the latest ideas from the bottom of my heart.

Here are some impressions:


As to the drawings – imagine being invited to have a peak at my vw campervan – Daydream-Edition 🙂



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Photo walk in golden autumn sunshine

leafs_looking_down (640x608)

stripes (427x640)

stripes_creek_bench (640x361)

curls_neighbourhood (427x640)

This is not part of a camera filled with tea. It's a thermo cup camera-style. And today it made a grown man bump into a lamp post because he couldn't believe I was having one camera around the neck and drinking out of an objectif?? I really am sorry for him....

This is not part of a camera filled with tea. It’s a thermo cup camera-style. And today it made a grown man bump into a lamp post because he couldn’t believe I was having one camera around the neck and drinking out of an objectif?? I really am sorry for him….

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Acoustic tunes for a cosy Sunday morning

Good morning                                    IMG_2148

As an early bird on a Sunday morning I noticed that…well…autumn really is very much here now. Like it has arrived with all character treats it can have. And autumn can be so atmospheric.

In autumn I watch myself getting my “seasonal” music and books out.

Book-wise this is for example Hesse’s  ‘Narcissus and Goldmund’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as well as everything by Helene Hanff, whose favourite season might have been autumn telling from her books 🙂

Music wise I’ll go get the acoustic albums of the following bands:

Icelandic heartwarming sounds by Sigur Ros:

And..not too far from Iceland, namely Norway: Kings of Convenience. Watch this video to learn new dance moves 🙂

and last for this Sunday morning: José Gonzalez el virtuoso at the Nylon string guitar.

Hope you enjoy. Happy Sunday!


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Tea’s ready!

Before heading for the farmers’ market in a bit, I felt like sharing with you that I now have my favourite tea for the autumn. What? Yes. It’s as simple as that, or maybe not?

IMG_2152 (439x800)

Because I didn’t just go to a store and buy it. IMG_2063

This tea is home-made by a little bio-herbal-pharmacy in my hometown. Every year in autumn they make this herbal tea with natural cinnamon flavour, which has to rest before going on sale. It’s got organic cinnamon oil to rest in (or so I was told, I am not too familiar with the exact making process) and beside herbs it got pieces of apple, orange and lime, cardamom… it’s an oriental note and it makes you dip your nose into the package before brewing it 🙂

As the herbal-pharmacy isn’t exactly around the corner from my place, I phoned them to ask if the particular tea is already on sale. They said no and asked how much I’d like of it once it’s ready. They wouldn’t have started the production of it before early November but getting a phone call about it made them actually get the tea ready (it takes 2 days or so). So a few days later, last Thursday, the pharmacy called to tell me that “my” tea is ready.

Oh happy day, it’s fresh and spicy and warms you from the inside. And it’s like the smell matches the multicoloured leaves outside. I am just being thankful for little shops going the extra mile for customers. And I am more than happy that an older Lady asked me if she could “have a sniff” at the package haha and then bought several of them, too.

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Coffee or tea? A thank you to all new followers and for amazing comments in the past weeks!

wax crayons and coloured pencils on index cards

wax crayons and coloured pencils on index Cards

There is no bad weather, there is just wrong clothing people say. Well……yes. Agreed.

But there is a cosy, incense-scented loggia, crayons and coloured pencils and tons of Images/ideas in my System calling me and also a self-made tracklist with Songs of Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, Jonathan Jeremiah and Elvis Perkins….which made me appreciate autumn colours from the inside and dedicate myself to index Card drawings.

By this I would love to say thank you very much to all new followers for stopping by at my blog,

reading, commenting and even following it! Thank you! I very much appreciate this!!!!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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complementary colours

IMG_2117 (640x425)

How am I able to leave the loggia – with this amazing view in front of me?

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A chilly autumn saturday – warming up with irish music by Damien Rice (love these dramatic tunes)

Hello good morning,

so this Saturday morning is rather crispy cold. The tree in front of the Loggia is getting more red patches (photos to follow) and I can’t seem to stop drinking self made cappucinos 🙂 being an early bird this morning as usual.

Here is some Music which I personally perceive as somewhat autumn-ish. It’s the very Damien Rice. Yessss, he’s dramatic. And yes, he stands for melancholy, but those Songs …those Songs!

Well, congrats, if you survived this without tissue ; ) … I started you off with the most dramatic one …

Here’s the wonderful, 3/4th or 6/8 rhythm “The Animals Were gone” performed at Jools Holland (with Lisa Hannigan I think, having a lot of hair in her face ^^)

And here’s the lucky third one, live from Abbey Road, “Volcano”:




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The season of books… the very, very season of books I mean. Recommendations very welcome!

IMG_1878 (565x640)

Cover of "84, Charing Cross Road"

On a Monday which was very much like its reputation …(you bet) – and facing an intense Tuesday .. I am dreaming of my tea- or coffeescented Loggia, the sunshine, the armchair and…books. Piles of them. Well, there is the perspective of a national Holiday on Thursday – so no reason to complain.

Who of you knows this feeling that Special books are for special seasons? I have posted about books and autumn before…and Helene Hanff, being mentioned in this other post, says herself in “Letter from New York” that october is the season to find yourself new books.

Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s one other Quote I really adore – it’s by Helene Hanff as well, from 84, Charing Cross Road:

I do love secondhand books that open to the page some previous owner read oftenest. The day Hazlitt came he opened to “I hate to read new books,” and I hollered “Comrade!” to whoever owned it before me.”                
—                   Helene Hanff                  (84, Charing Cross Road)

In Autumn, more than in any other season, my books have to be all about atmosphere. The colours and pictures in my imaginations while reading the book kind of have to match the outside world. Yes, I might have a certain nerd-factor… haha, and I can live with it.

Books which – so far – match this, are (hooorray, an excuse to write a list ; ) )

 – Letter from New York, Helene Hanff (very surprisingly)

-The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

-The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Rachel Joyce

-A Monster Calls, Ness, Patrick and Siobhan Dowd

-Fool On The Hill, Matt Ruff

-Cookbooks with soup recipes

-Cookbooks like those by Cynthia Barcomi

-This I know, Susannah Conway

-The Hobbit …well you know by whom 🙂

-Narcissus and Goldmund, Hermann Hesse,

-“Liebesnähe” by Hanns-Josef Ortheil, not available in English yet

– lots of non-fiction books by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh and Matthias Ennenbach about Buddhism, mindfulness, buddhistic psychology…


Now you. Anything to recommend? I am listening. 🙂  Do you have favourite autumn reads? my shelf isn’t breaking yet. (yet)  



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On the outlook for atmosphere in this golden autumn start. A few photo impressions

IMG_2064 (640x480)

IMG_2063 (640x533)

IMG_2068 (640x427)

IMG_2070 (640x427)

IMG_2071 (640x427)

IMG_2073 (640x427) IMG_2075 (640x427)

IMG_2076 (640x419)

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An hour in a coffee-pastry-scented oasis :)


It’s a Saturday morning with this autumn-esque golden sunshine and my hometown is beyond crowded. It takes about 5 minutes to get a few hundred metres from A to B … The German mentality, very much unlike the Canadian/U.S. mentality could be summed up as “you need to pass me in this narrow little road? Try me! May I introduce to you: my elbows!”
So I took a break in the bestsmelling café of northern american origin 😉  in town, with good music and a choice of dutch, french, english, … voices talking and the scent of coffee, cocoa, cinnamon and muffins (lemon poppyseed right here, aaaah) in the air (and in the armchairs;) )
No, no spectacular piece of wisdom in this post, just the statement:
Won der ful!!

Have a good weekend everyone!
Best – Nic

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