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Autumn is the time of books, apple-cinnamon-streusel-cake, my favourite tea from a local herbal-tea-store, music by Elvis Perkins or The Swell Season…and feeding the soul with amazing colours of this famous artist called nature. Today: focussing on an autumn-ish book by Helene Hanff.

There are books in every room of my Appartement. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

There are books in every room of my Appartement. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Cover of "Letter from New York: BBC Woman...

Cover via Amazon

Today is Thursday. Some friends I know call it vice-friday, haha. Nice. It’d be even nicer if I had Friday off..but let’s not complain. On Fridays I have a Group of four very unique and inspiring Kids aged 7-11 for a combined social skills – art therapy – mindfulness Training…a group who always makes my heart grow and gives me plenty of reasons to smile.Also, I can say that all desk-work is done for today. So I am facing a late-afternoon and evening off work, cooking veggie soup, enjoying my The Simple Things Magazine…. and look at the pile of books lurking at me to finish the wonderful one I am just reading (the very new one by Susanna Tamaro: “Per sempre” is the original title, not sure if it’s released in english yet, the german title would be translated as “my heart calls out your Name”)These days when autumn knocks on the door (very suddenly this year) I am in the mood for seasonal things, such as:

-Books, books and books (and then: audiobooks),

-Creating things, like painting, crafting/decorating with coloured leaves, and all the usual inclination to draw on index Cards and such (while listening to audiobooks)

English: Cinnamon

English: Cinnamon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Extended walks in the park with or without camera (with or without Memory Card^^)

-cake with apples and cinnamon -cinnamon rolls (oh goodness, yes!!)                                                                                               

-tea – my favourite herbal tea with a slightly oriental note – freshly made by a “herbal pharmacy” in my hometown.

Just when I stood in front of my book shelf, a dearly loved book caught my Attention:

Letter from New York, by Helene Hanff

This book is a love letter to New York, a book which wraps you in pure atmosphere and a book which is best recommended to be read in autumn!  It makes you want to book your flight and walk a dog in central park. (for example). Helene Hanff describes her unique everyday-life as an author living near Central Park in a house with a bunch of Apartments. You’ll get to know her neighbours and I felt like I was her room-mate during the time I read her beautiful takes on her living in her beloved City.

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