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On creativity (pt I of probably a whole series)


This might become a post which is partly “everyday-philosophy”, partly gratitude related.

I am in the very lucky Situation to have not only amazing friends per se, and also, there is a deep exchange about creativity. A wonderful day spent at my Long-time friend U.’s house yesterday, 7 hours of crafting and talking and happy-sighing lies behind me time wise but is still present in my heart. A talk to my friend A. a few days ago about how it feels to do creative activities, how you define creativity and how often you want creativity in your life keeps ringing in heart and head, too. Both talks make me deeply grateful and inspire me in ways I can hardly put in words. Ideas spark ideas, and I am well advised to Keep a paper and pen attached to my Body. Very deep written into my soul’s interests are Tara Leaver’s thoughts on creativity – you can read them in her amazing book “Creative Spark” and her blog.  

Am I an exception there? No. And here’s my theory:

If you make room for creativity, if you make creative Actions a Habit in your every day life, even if it’s “only” for ten minutes a day, you will notice a Change in your thinking. Maybe even more, if you commit to a form of Meditation, this is a particularly personal take on things and also said with grateful experience. I started a morning Habit of sitting Meditation in April 2012 and have kept to it ever since, days having missed out I can count on my two hands. After having found about Tara’s take on artmaking, I found myself several times a week, drawing, sketching, etc. on index Cards, in sketchbooks, or being inspired by wonderful Susannah Conway and Journal my heart out, or girly with masking tapes and Stickers to decorate away happily.

But sketching, drawing, writing and decorating are just a few examples of creativity, or, they are the outside result of a creative Soul pursuing her need to act out on ideas. The creativity takes place inside and you take Actions. Here is a list (a list, imagine that, dear freuqent Reader ^^) of things I personally consider as creative, although These things might turn very left brained, too, admittedly.

The things many People agree to call creative:

  • Collage
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • sculpting
  • sewing
  • writing short stories/poetry/fiction
  • land art
  • film making
  • photography  …

You get the Point, right?

A bowl of veggie soup a way to make someone feel home. Works for me.

A bowl of veggie soup a way to make someone feel home. Works for me.



Something very sweet  I read in Tara Leaver’s Creative Spark and on her blog:

baking or cooking. She suggests that when you turn away from easel or desk and you feel uncreative, yet you feel like bringing Forward something, cooking a simple recipe might be a very good thing to do.

What do you do when you bake a cake or cook a veggie Rice recipe for example? You Combine. You measure. You decide. lots of things involved in every creative process. Quod erat demonstrandum. 🙂

What I would like to add to a creativity list:

  • decorating the Apartment
  • developing a concept for a particular purpose
  • planning a Party
  • simply Setting a table
  • plucking flowers and arranging them to a Bouquet
  • organizing your day with our without day planner (not the right blog post to get me started on the creative use of my filofax ^^)



Please feel invited to add to this list, as it’s far from being enough. And I am so curious. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Let me add this wonderful blog post in case you feel the list bit curious about making time and space for creativity in your life:


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The August Break – Day 1 to Day 10 – catching up, being happy…


Lunch at Anne&Max in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.





The August Break - Day 2 - Pattern  Went for a natural pattern  of beautifully textured tree bark....

The August Break – Day 2 – Pattern
Went for a natural pattern of beautifully textured tree bark….


the August Break - Day 3 - window

Café-houseboat belonging to Anne&Max, Alkmaar, NL (ahemm, anyone knowing me just a teensy bit will not be suprised to hear that I payed this place a second visit…actually even a third ^^)


Orange - well, it figures, right? :)

Orange – well, it figures, right? 🙂


the August Break - Day 5 - three

“Three” – taken at the dutch coast while cosily resting in a beach chair, considering to book the next (short) vacation right before even finishing this one 😉


The August Day - Day 6 - reflection

Reflection of the fairy lights in the Loggia window, almost heart shaped …

the August Break Day 7 - Today is...


the August Break - Day 8 - selfie

Selfie with picmonkey filters – yep, bad hair day all over ^^


the August Break - Day 9 - in my bag

Revealing a bit of my love for colours of the aqua-Family. Just a teensy bit 😉



coffee from my favourite Cup – I even love the Sound it makes when putting the Cup on the saucer (nerd? yes) – then two of my yummiest coffee pads, the Hema regular coffee pads and then my vanilla flavoured ones (best enjoyed with chocomel in it ^^ again: nerd? oh well)


So this what I would call proper catching up. The first ten days of The August Break which is just as much fun and fulfillment – at minimum – as it was last year. What makes it so Special this year is that I know myself accompanied by wonderful friends from Germany, France, England, Australia, Canada who are doing this year’s August Break, too.

Sherry Galey, I wouldn’t want to miss for the world having met you through photo Blogging just one year ago…thought it seems so much longer!

Up from tomorrow, it’ll be less overwhelming for you guys, as I’ll shift to a day to day posting Habit 🙂 –


Happy Sunday everyone – and happy August Break !!

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365 times gratitude in pictures – you’d like to join?

Good morning everyone.
I know that I am most likely to be in a big crowd posting about plans for the new year.

-Yes, I do have a word (well, 3 of them, really) for this year.

-No, I didn’t make the classic resolutions, instead scheduled myself for 2 things by already getting the material ready to start it:

A jar



With a look on this photo I’d say the idea pretty much explains itself, doesn’t it?

photo source: Pinterest

The other activity set for my year – and having happy memories of Susannah Conway’s August Break – is  to take part in the

“365 grateful Project”

Again – this explains itself.

Expect me to keep you posted.

Have a good second day of this fresh and new year!

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The August Break – Day # 27 – “number”

This book, called "A Year of Mornings" is the result of an amazing photography Project. To learn more about it, go to

This book, called “A Year of Mornings” is the result of an amazing photography Project. To learn more about it, go to

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The August Break – Day #26 – yes

Sitting on this meditation cushion for about 400 days so far has taught me a lot about saying yes to situations, emotions, things which are not always easy to accept.

Sitting on this meditation cushion for about 400 days so far has taught me a lot about saying yes to situations, emotions, events, moods…. generally things which are not always easy to accept. Wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

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The Declaration of You – book, clip, website. Sounds interesting

In this Videoclip above you can see the introduction of something which strikes me as a really cool “creativity-pool”, especially for people who like to get creative about every intentions and sorts. I guess that my new jogging-Training-schedule won’t just be a photocopy but Sharpie-designed on index Cards and decorated with Little “you made it -Stickers” or something .. For everybody who knows Susannah Conway: she’s a contributor ! And I learned about the book in her wonderful blog on

For more, just go watch the lovely Clip or go to 

Enjoy! And have a good start into the new week!


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Sunday – Day # 25 of The August Break

Sunday mornings are something of a treat to me. There is a Radio Station called WDR2, “West Deutscher Rundfunk” it says (=western german broadcasting) which has a 1 hour interview with interesting people each Sunday at 8 a.m. . So no sleeping in on Sundays. Getting up in time to get a Cup of coffee ready and listening to this amazing Radio Show.

The woman doing the Show, it’d be called “Sunday questions” in english, really has a wonderful way to talk to people and she has the most interesting people to talk to. A year ago she talked to Imme de Haen, a woman who bought a beautiful old redbrick farm house in northeastern Germany in the middle of spectacular landscapes and started to offer retreats there.

This morning the light was quite autumn-like already. Especially at 7:30, I love to be a “half-early” bird and be up at this time of the day when everything is so quiet and the ligth so special.

Usually, while drinking the first Cup of coffee I take a look at today’s prompt theme of The August Break. I had already taken those photos you’ll see below, capturing the atmosphere (and the aforementioned plum cake ^^)  this morning and it was only then that I discovered today’s theme is …


 So, here is Sunday morning:

Beautiful flowers from yesterday's Farmer's Market down the street

Beautiful flowers from yesterday’s Farmer’s Market down the street

Ready for having friends over.

Ready for having friends over.

IMG_1913 (640x622)



Sunday also is a reading day.

Speaking of this: have you heard about the book “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”?

Although I still have unread books in the shelve, I went back to read this book on Friday after seeing an article about it..and… I must admit that this book should have been part of my post “The August Break- Books” …

The book is heartbreakingly deep and beautiful. I so went on this pilgrimage with Harold and could not stop reading. Harold develops a real mindful attitude while on his way and his way of being able to listen to people he meets along the way, almost reminds me of Michael Ende’s Momo.

Here are a few quotes for you to get you ….more curious/going to the next library or bookstore ..

“You got up, and you did something. And if trying to find a way when you don’t even know you can get there isn’t a small miracle; then I don’t know what is.”  
―     Rachel Joyce,     The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry    


“Beginnings could happen more than once, or in different ways.”  
―     Rachel Joyce,     The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry    


you could be ordinary and attempt something extraordinary, without being able to explain it in a logical way.”  
―     Rachel Joyce,     The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry


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The August Break – Day # 24 – “hear”

Hearing the sound of water is quality time to me. – I often record the sound of the ocean on trips…


A ranting seagull 🙂

Img0277 (640x480)

Seagull cries in the air in Tadoussac, Bretagne, France

Img0299 (640x480)

Those waves splashing were actually really loud. Bliss to me, stayed there for 2 hours watching the water, soaking up as much of this spectacular nature Scene as possible – in Ploumanach, Bretagne, France

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The August Break -Day 21&22 “something old at midday” :)


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The August Break – Day # 20 – “taste”

IMG_1844 (640x505)

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